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Iron Man suit by British inventor !!

Releasing anything during April´s fool is a bad idea but it seems it is actually legit. Richard Browning a former Royal Marine, has created an Iron Man like suit using six miniature jet engines attached to a specially designed exoskeleton. It´s call the “Daedalus” and is able to fly vertically and uses the body to control speed. The British inventor said it´s able to fly at 200mph with a couple thousand of feet altitude.  He developed the suit in 13 months; he bought his first miniature jet engine in Feb2016 and end up having to buy 6 in total (around 250k British pounds!!). So… it´s either the dream house or the Iron Man suit… hmmmm… 😛


Introducing the Nauti-Craft !! Amazing design !!

Nauti-Craft, is an Australian company focused on the design and development of the Nauti-Craft™ marine suspension system. This tech separates the vessel´s hulls from the deck and superstructure via a ‘passive reactive’ interlinked hydraulic system which provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed. Enough with the tech and corporative part of the article! Their vessel looks absolutely great specially for those “motion sickness” sailors out there. Looks amazing to see the suspension difference in the vid, as a regular vessel cruises alongside the Nauti-craft and face open see waves.   Time for a change ? We are voting for the incorporation of the kinetic suspension system 😀

Yes… it is a TV, and you´ll want it.

Can´t wait for Panasonic’s impressive OLED television that will disappear when it’s not in use – making it almost undetectable.

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