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Iron Man suit by British inventor !!

Releasing anything during April´s fool is a bad idea but it seems it is actually legit. Richard Browning a former Royal Marine, has created an Iron Man like suit using six miniature jet engines attached to a specially designed exoskeleton. It´s call the “Daedalus” and is able to fly vertically and uses the body to control speed. The British inventor said it´s able to fly at 200mph with a couple thousand of feet altitude.  He developed the suit in 13 months; he bought his first miniature jet engine in Feb2016 and end up having to buy 6 in total (around 250k British pounds!!). So… it´s either the dream house or the Iron Man suit… hmmmm… 😛


Rooftop Journey ft. Danny MacAskill

Just WOW! Does gravity mean something to Danny MacAskill !? In this video made in collaboration with the GoPro guys it seems it doesn´t at all as he journeys through the rooftops of Gran Canarias, Spain. Check out the full video in HD in this link. They are such ggod guys that they even thank the Gran Canaria neighbours for letting the access their homes in order to film the video; “Muchas gracias a la gente de Gran Canaria por tu hospitalidad!

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