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First monster truck front flip !!

Lee O´Donnell and VP Racing Fuel´s Mad Scientist® won the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals. The actual incredible news here is the fact that he pulled a never seen move in a monster track competition; a Front-flip that put him on top of the leader board with a score of 9355. Another interesting fact is that both O´Donnell and the Mad Scientist Monster Jam® (the truck 😉 ) were in their first world championship!! Was a night of first things in the championship as it was the first time the voting was in the hands of the fans on site via www.judgeszone.com . Take a look at more information about the event here.

Rooftop Journey ft. Danny MacAskill

Just WOW! Does gravity mean something to Danny MacAskill !? In this video made in collaboration with the GoPro guys it seems it doesn´t at all as he journeys through the rooftops of Gran Canarias, Spain. Check out the full video in HD in this link. They are such ggod guys that they even thank the Gran Canaria neighbours for letting the access their homes in order to film the video; “Muchas gracias a la gente de Gran Canaria por tu hospitalidad!

Faith in humanity; restored. Homeless extreme make over.

This is one of the news that will put a smile in your face. Jose Antonio has been a homeless  for 25 years and works as a car parking attendant in order to pay for a room and food. The barbershop La Salvajería offer him an extreme make over and turn this 55 year old scruffy homeless man into a stylish good looking hipster. Jose, can´t believe the change and almost break down in tears as he doesn´t recognize himself in front of the mirror. The video went viral when the director of the video Dr. Filmgood, posted it in the barbershop´s FB page. Faith in humanity restored.



Yayoi Kusama´s Infinity Mirrored Room

If you are ever in Los Angeles, you should definitely stop by The Broad, especially if you want to see Yayoi Kusama´s Infinity Mirrored Room (The Broad itself has nearly 2000 piece collection of contemporary art). Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and in her career has worked painting, creating environmental installations, sculpting just to name a few. She has an thematic interest in repetition, pattern and psychedelic colors. A mind blowing experience and a MUST in our honest opinion.


Amazing performance by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra !!

Try viewing the vid with different types of music… still amazing! The performance by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra is absolutely fantastic in this Tron inspired dance routine. The WCO is a highly skilled dance artist group created in 2003 in Japan. They have eight members in total and have been rocking the stage in different events worldwide. Simply put in their words: “Dancing uses only the body for expression and can therefore reach the world without localization surmounting the obstacles of age, gender, national borders, language and culture“.
Another option for the tittle was: “Me and my crew leaving the office on a Friday” !!

Space Pie!

They wanted to know if the molecular structure of the pie changed after its journey. The meat-and-potato pie was launched towards space attached to a weather balloon in Wigan. They obviously attached a camera and tracking equipment to monitor the pie’s progress.

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