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Iron Man suit by British inventor !!

Releasing anything during April´s fool is a bad idea but it seems it is actually legit. Richard Browning a former Royal Marine, has created an Iron Man like suit using six miniature jet engines attached to a specially designed exoskeleton. It´s call the “Daedalus” and is able to fly vertically and uses the body to control speed. The British inventor said it´s able to fly at 200mph with a couple thousand of feet altitude.  He developed the suit in 13 months; he bought his first miniature jet engine in Feb2016 and end up having to buy 6 in total (around 250k British pounds!!). So… it´s either the dream house or the Iron Man suit… hmmmm… 😛


First monster truck front flip !!

Lee O´Donnell and VP Racing Fuel´s Mad Scientist® won the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals. The actual incredible news here is the fact that he pulled a never seen move in a monster track competition; a Front-flip that put him on top of the leader board with a score of 9355. Another interesting fact is that both O´Donnell and the Mad Scientist Monster Jam® (the truck 😉 ) were in their first world championship!! Was a night of first things in the championship as it was the first time the voting was in the hands of the fans on site via www.judgeszone.com . Take a look at more information about the event here.

Automatic bullseye dartboard !!

So this time Mark Rober has completed a three year long dream. He actually created a moving dartboard where you´ll always hit the bullseye. This engineer is sure to make people at bars feel better about themselves through the magic of engineering. The 6 stepper motors he uses to move the board do so in 400 milliseconds. So it´s pretty much a draw every time you play unless you are aiming at the roof !! Check his channel here for more wizardry.


Podride; want one ;)

Meet Mikael Kjellman, proud inventor of the PodRide. Looks like a small car but no, it´s actually a four wheel e-bike. It does have an electric motor though that will allow you to adjust the level of assist (else forget about long rides!). He actually defines the Podride as a “weather bike”, and judging by the video it seems is the only way to ride a bike without the risk of hypothermia. According to Mike, the Podride, that already has a big fan base will be out for sale late 2017 and there´s no final price yet but you can definitely join their mailing list to get the update as soon as they made the call. Would you want one? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

“Nothin´ but net”

Are you afraid of heights ? If the answer is yes then we won´t recommend the “Zero Gravity Amusement Park” in Dallas TX. This ride called “Nothin´ but net” is a free fall from 16-story tower… no line, no parachute, no bungee, no straps. As the name says it nothing but a safety net! Worry not, you´ll only suffer the vertigo as they have all the safety measures in place 😉

Ohhh Jesus !!

“Jesus” was actually going to a street carnival in Cologne, Germany when his cross got stuck at the ceiling of the metro station while in the escalators and well… not the worst of his days, but it came close. Allowed comments:
“That escalated quickly”
“Stairway to Heaven”
“Oh god, oh no. I’m gonna get nailed for this”

Hafencity Riverbus

Are you in Hafencity, Germany ? Can´t decide on a cruise tour or bus tour ? Simple, best of both worlds in the Riverbus. Be honest, when looking at the video you thought the bus was going to sink, didn´t you ??

Introducing the Nauti-Craft !! Amazing design !!

Nauti-Craft, is an Australian company focused on the design and development of the Nauti-Craft™ marine suspension system. This tech separates the vessel´s hulls from the deck and superstructure via a ‘passive reactive’ interlinked hydraulic system which provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed. Enough with the tech and corporative part of the article! Their vessel looks absolutely great specially for those “motion sickness” sailors out there. Looks amazing to see the suspension difference in the vid, as a regular vessel cruises alongside the Nauti-craft and face open see waves.   Time for a change ? We are voting for the incorporation of the kinetic suspension system 😀

Amazing performance by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra !!

Try viewing the vid with different types of music… still amazing! The performance by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra is absolutely fantastic in this Tron inspired dance routine. The WCO is a highly skilled dance artist group created in 2003 in Japan. They have eight members in total and have been rocking the stage in different events worldwide. Simply put in their words: “Dancing uses only the body for expression and can therefore reach the world without localization surmounting the obstacles of age, gender, national borders, language and culture“.
Another option for the tittle was: “Me and my crew leaving the office on a Friday” !!

Mexico Paramotoring

These guys sure know how to have fun in MX while paramotoring! Thinking most ordinary people wouldn´t live to tale the tale if trying all these stunts but they seem pro (needless to say don´t try this at home!). Paramotoring is also know as “Powered Paragliding” and they usually fly at a speed of between 15 to 50 mph. The motor weighs from 45 to 90 pounds and the price for the whole “package” (wing, harness, and motor) vary from usd5000 to usd13000. Do take into consideration that this is not the kind of activity you can do without proper trainning so also take that into consideration you adrenaline junky !!

PS: Correct me if I am wrong but saw a double rainbow while watching this video.

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