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Impossible shot by Pablo Cuevas

Pablo Cuevas pulled off a no look shot in the Madrid Open while facing Alexander Zverev. Used some slow-mo on the clip so you can take a better look at it. Wishing someone had slow-mo the looks on his rival as he sees that impossible shot happen. Congratulations to Pablo on our behalf!

Any Rick & Morty fans out there ?

If you are not familiar with the DominoKing you should definitely see his channel here. This masterpiece was done with only 18300 domino pieces which one can hardly imagine the amount of time it took him to setup! This was a request by Rick & Morty fans and he sure delivered.

World tallest slip and slide

Meet Devin Graham. He is a producer of extreme sport videos on Youtube (chech his channel here). Devinsupertramp, his youtuber name has been sponsored by Subaru to create the world tallest “slip and slide” which is setup in a 500 foot cliff. Still wondering how the chute was able to hold him with those massive steel balls! Joking aside, this guy vids will definitely amaze you in several ways!

This might as well be an anime !!

Miguel Gonzalez is definitely not an anime character but after this goal he could most definitely be one! Energy´s won over the Sacramento Republic thanks to it. Michael Harris, the defender begun by making an acrobatic flip throw hurling the ball over 40 yards and as this wasn´t enough Gonzalez end the manoeuvre with a bicycle kick that ended in one the most amazing goals we have seen in years !!

Vantablack; Batman would approve :P

Surrey Nano System developed Vantablack®, the darkest man-made substance, originally developed for satellite calibration systems. It absorbs 99.3% of the light, so it´s usually described to the “closest thing to a black hole we´ll ever see“. Taking into consideration its space application is irrelevant to the common user, what we are really interested in knowing is; practical applications for the average Joe and Jane. The answer simple: Luxury items as Vantablack S-VIS can be sprayed (still needs some post-processing). It´s been a lot of buzz since its development but we´ll have to wait and see applied to the every day life.

Jordan Hanz: Incredible make up artist

This amazing make up artist is Jordan Hanz (make sure to follow her at her channel). Not only she´ll blow your mind with her amazing creations but she´ll also teach you and guide you on how to create your own. A definitely must if you are into this. Jordan partly says “My focus is to educate and teach techniques that you can take into any medium of art. As a portrait painter, I have taken what I have learned through my years working on canvas to transfer seamlessly to working on skin“.

Yayoi Kusama´s Infinity Mirrored Room

If you are ever in Los Angeles, you should definitely stop by The Broad, especially if you want to see Yayoi Kusama´s Infinity Mirrored Room (The Broad itself has nearly 2000 piece collection of contemporary art). Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and in her career has worked painting, creating environmental installations, sculpting just to name a few. She has an thematic interest in repetition, pattern and psychedelic colors. A mind blowing experience and a MUST in our honest opinion.


Ultrasonic knives !!

We are in the right direction… Lightsabers can´t be that far away if a company in Korea is already developing Ultrasonic knives. The company Mecs Tech show us this bad boy in action, cutting bread like butter in the slimmest slices !! Actually the ultrasonic part of the knife uses around 15000 times per second ultra vibrations that minimizes friction to a minimum.


Audi + VR + Sandbox = WIN!

We all know VR (virtual reality) is the next gaming evolution. That is why Audi, a Norwegian creative agency named POL and MediaMonks as part of a campaign took these elements and created “Enter Sandbox”. They have been inspired by the sandbox child´s play and enabled prospective Audi driver to test drive the new Audi Q5 on their own created track. The sand in the sandbox is scanned by a depth-sensing camera and rendered in a VR world or VR track if you will that you can actually drive in the “VR Audi Q5” ! It´s even accompanied by realistic physical bumps and turns with immersive 3D audio. “The Sandbox 2.0 is a state of the art toy for kids and adults,” says Tommy Jensen, Marketing Director of Audi Norway. The campaign is launching this week supported by TV ads but we can definitely expect to see other campaigns using VR tech very soon internationally.


Amazing Zombie Dance – SAC

This amazing zombie dance choreo would have made Michael Jackson proud. The choreo was actually created by the students of the Seul Arts College and presented in the “Street All Round Championship Performance” and immediately went viral. If you start thinking “Thriller” while watching this it´s pretty obvious the reason why; the undead dance created by the King of Pop in 1983 with Vincent Prince participation has so many awards we would have to write 2 full paragraphs about it. The video itself has over 300 million views in youtube !!
Challenge; watch the vid while listening different songs.

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