Meet Mikael Kjellman, proud inventor of the PodRide. Looks like a small car but no, it´s actually a four wheel e-bike. It does have an electric motor though that will allow you to adjust the level of assist (else forget about long rides!). He actually defines the Podride as a “weather bike”, and judging by the video it seems is the only way to ride a bike without the risk of hypothermia. According to Mike, the Podride, that already has a big fan base will be out for sale late 2017 and there´s no final price yet but you can definitely join their mailing list to get the update as soon as they made the call. Would you want one? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Just WOW! Does gravity mean something to Danny MacAskill !? In this video made in collaboration with the GoPro guys it seems it doesn´t at all as he journeys through the rooftops of Gran Canarias, Spain. Check out the full video in HD in this link. They are such ggod guys that they even thank the Gran Canaria neighbours for letting the access their homes in order to film the video; “Muchas gracias a la gente de Gran Canaria por tu hospitalidad!

Are you afraid of heights ? If the answer is yes then we won´t recommend the “Zero Gravity Amusement Park” in Dallas TX. This ride called “Nothin´ but net” is a free fall from 16-story tower… no line, no parachute, no bungee, no straps. As the name says it nothing but a safety net! Worry not, you´ll only suffer the vertigo as they have all the safety measures in place 😉

This is one of the news that will put a smile in your face. Jose Antonio has been a homeless  for 25 years and works as a car parking attendant in order to pay for a room and food. The barbershop La Salvajería offer him an extreme make over and turn this 55 year old scruffy homeless man into a stylish good looking hipster. Jose, can´t believe the change and almost break down in tears as he doesn´t recognize himself in front of the mirror. The video went viral when the director of the video Dr. Filmgood, posted it in the barbershop´s FB page. Faith in humanity restored.



This amazing make up artist is Jordan Hanz (make sure to follow her at her channel). Not only she´ll blow your mind with her amazing creations but she´ll also teach you and guide you on how to create your own. A definitely must if you are into this. Jordan partly says “My focus is to educate and teach techniques that you can take into any medium of art. As a portrait painter, I have taken what I have learned through my years working on canvas to transfer seamlessly to working on skin“.

These Ugears models do bring back the inner child in everyone. The kickstarter project already has more than usd400k in founding and looking for more in order to keep creating and developing new designs. According to them: “We believe that crowdfunding is the best way to expand the audience interested in innovational products“. Their kits have everything you need to assemble their designs and no glue is needed in any of them. “The project helps people to understand the principles of mechanics through the self-assembly of motion models“.


70 years have passed since in 1947 Enzo Ferrari revved up the engine of the 125 S, the first car that wore his name. Ferrari have launched the new Ferrari Aperta to mark the 70th anniversary of the company foundation and it looks awesome (you don´t want to know the price, trust us, it´ll make you feel miserable actually). All the specs and “awesomeness” of this special limited edition model can be found at their site, so check it out, it´s worth it.

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